Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am so fortunate to have 6 earthly men in my life who I can honestly say are great fathers. I love them all and am so thankful for each of them and the lives they live before the Lord and other. Andy, Daddy (Dr. Harlan Willis), Dad (Jim Wood), Joel, Kyle, and Curtis I love you all and am so proud you are all in my life.

It is not easy being a dad. It's really not easy being a good dad. In fact it is down right hard. Everyday I have the opportunity to work with dads. Some of them take it very seriously, some just "go with it," others haven't a clue and don't want to have a clue.

Every child deserves a great father!

I had an amazing earthly father. He taught me so much about loving God and living that out on a daily basis. I know so few men who really do that. Secondly, I have been married to a man who not only wanted to be a great dad but who worked at it and was the best of fathers. I have said more times than I can count that Andy was by far the better parent of the two of us. He just was. Thirdly, my own son loves being a dad. He thinks it is the coolest thing and loovees, yes loves being a daddy (he's been at it almost a year now), it is so natural for him and he is great at it. Fourthly, I have two great son-in-laws who amaze me at their love and commitment to my grandchildren (did I mention that I am a Grammy? Well I am and...(yeah, that's for another post). Fifth and last but not least, I have a pretty great guy for a father-in-law. He may be mentioned last but I can guarantee he is far from last in my book. He has loved me for 29 plus years and I am SO thankful for him and for the great dad he was to his children.

So, this is what I think being a great dad looks like. Or at least it's a good start.

A good dad...

1. Loves God and works at a personal relationship with HIM. He points them to Jesus.
2. Loves and honors his wife and works at their relationship.
3. Wants to be a good dad.
4. Cares about and pursues things that make him a good dad.
5. Spends time with his kids...pursues after each individual one of them.
6. Is consistent with his children and life.
7. Appropriately disciplines his children.
8. Cares more about their outcome as adults than them liking him.
9. Teaches them.
10.Let's them learn on their own.
11.Let's them fail.
12.Rejoices when they succeed.
13.Tells them he loves them. Shows them.
14.Tells them he is thankful for them. Shows them.
15.Tells them he is proud of them. Shows them.
16.Provides for them physically, emotionally, and mentally.
17.Learns from them.
18.Laughs with them, for them, and teaches them to laugh too.
19.Teaches them to not take life too seriously.
20.Lets them go when they are adults.
21.Always always points them to God for the answers in life.

I love fathers. I especially love my Heavenly Father. I could not have made it through this journey we call life and parenting without Him and the personal relationship we have.

Happy Fathers Day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to ... ME!

Yep, it's that time of year. My favorite time, I LOVE my birthday. I love all the fun stuff, the presents, cake (with no guilt),my kids calling, seeing and hearing from folks I don't get to see near enough. Mostly I love celebrating the day God chose for me to enter the world.
Now anyone who knows me also knows that any day he chooses to take me home is fine with me. I can hardly wait to see Him face to face. Now that will be a day of celebrating. I just read the book "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo and I must say it stirred my heart. To know that the babies I lost are in heaven waiting to meet me, to see those who have gone before he, to meet and see the God of Creation absolutely stirs my heart.
What about you? How is your life here on planet earth going? Making a difference in anyone's life? What are you doing that brings glory to the God of heaven? How about that heaven thing? Do you know if you died today you would awake in HIS presence? If not...

Accepting Christ as Lord of your life - the only way you get to heaven. Just one way, accepting the gift that God gave us, that He sacrificed for you. Jesus came to cover your sin, seems too easy but the Bible tells us it's the only way to get to heaven and spend eternity with Him.

Making God Lord of your life, asking Him to forgive your sin and being willing to turn from sin, walk in an ongoing relationship with God; allowing Him to make your life choices instead of yourself.